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  • The Original Master Key Lessons

    The original twenty-four part Master Key lessons by Charles Haanel were so powerful they were the foundation for movies like “The Secret” and books like “Think and Grow Rich”. You will receive each of these original lessons. These are the same lessons that many people directly attribute their personal power and success.

  • Welath Building Programs

    You will get full and immediate access to courses like Dr. Richard Nongard’s “Attack the Lack” program and Dr. Steve G. Jones “Holistic Millionaire” textbook. These courses and books teach you how to activate the Master Key and rise to your highest level of personal performance. Imagine having a key to attracting money into your life. These courses are these keys.

  • Exclusive Members Resources

    We have packaged many of Dr. Steve G Jones Platinum hypnosis recordings into the members only area. These are specifically chosen to help you activate wealth. Each retails for $79.00 but all of recordings in this members area are immediately accessible at not additional charge. You will get additional support, trainings and resources personally chosen by Dr. Nongard and Dr. Jones to help you create wealth and attract abundance.

“Up until that point it was practically a struggle as I kept hitting at this ceiling. I kept hitting a barrier of esteem, but then I learned from you (Dr. Steve G. Jones) about the subconscious ideal and the next thing I know for the past 3 years, I’ve broken through that barrier and I am making more money. I have more success in my life than frankly I dreamt of literally 5 years ago.”

Chris Steely
Former Vice President for Tony Robbins Breakthrough International

Are you ready to attract abundance and wealth?

  • Attack the Lack

    Are you surrounded by lack? Lack of success, lack of money and lack of happiness? Step into a new chapter of life with these strategies for attacking lack by replacing it with abundance.

    Master Key VIP members learn how to attack lack, and to start creating wealth.

  • Hypnosis for Subconscious Reprograming

    We only do in life what we know how to do. Chances are pretty good that nobody thought you how to attract wealth, and that you are repeating patterns of mediocrity that others have transferred to you.  Do you want to overcome them? Hypnosis can unlock new learnings and new patterns of action.

  • How to Attract Prosperity

    Do you know the affirmations that bring success?  Do you know the structure of setting aside limiting beliefs and stepping into new actions? Members of the Master Key VIP network do, and you will have full access to these same secrets.

  • Find Freedom

    Security and freedom feel really nice. Imagine the freedom you would experience if you attracted wealth and stepped into abundance. Imagine how good it would feel to find freedom from stress, anxiety and to claim prosperity.

  • How Re-frame Possibilities

    So many people look at life through the lens of limitations, but you can remove these barriers and create success. Platinum members of the Master Key VIP network get new tools for re-framing past hurts and failures and learning how to use these experiences rather than regret them.

  • Four Stage of Wealth

    The first stage is an idea. This is where you are now. You have created the idea that you are entitled to success, and that is of course, the first step you abundance. Now take action, turn the master Key we are giving you and unlock the next three stage of wealth.

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